Sunday, April 29, 2007


First off, today is Chloe's 17 month birthday AND 4 months since we returned home with Chloe...what a big girl she is becoming, and how far she has come since we've had her home!! I love her so very much

Ok so this not having my laptop for two weeks is really starting to get to me, i have found myself totally wandering around my room aimlessly each night trying to find something to fill the void in my life, and thus far i have watched about 10+ episodes of Law & Order:SVU and exactly 2 episodes of the Tyra Banks show each night for the past 10 days just trying to ease the no laptop pain =( NOT EASY! Seriously, after having a laptop with wireless internet for over a year now i honestly do not think i could live long without it, after the two weeks is up im probably going to be seeking some CAA meetings (Computer Addicts Anon.) to help me with this obsession, many hours of therapy WILL be needed. Ok just needed to vent a as soon as i get my laptop back (im on my aunts now) I will probably be posting numerious times a day so look forward to that hopefully by the end of this week. Now on to pics of miss Chloe!

"Driving Miss Booty" (her nickname..hehe)
Eating a doughnut!!
P.S- I am only on this computer long enough to check my email and post this, so if you have left me comments and i have not responded, this is!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pretty Girl

Just a quick on my nana's computer and couldn't stand not to post a little update since it feels like forever since i've posted!! Miss Chloe is doing great as usual, totally LOVING this warm weather we have been having lately. We are outside a lot of the day now, just basking in the beautiful spring weather. Enjoy the pics!

We were out by our friends pool on Sunday and Mary snapped this picture on her cell phone, and i just LOVE it..Chloe looks SO happy!!

Our pretty girl in her new outfit!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Troubles.... troubles, that is. First off, in the lack of posting reasons, my laptop is currently on the fritz and will be for the next 2 weeks (ugggh) apparently someone *cough, Chloe, cough* has been yanking the cord out of my laptop forcing a lot of trama on it, making some internal problem thingy..anywho now it is going to have some kind of new thing installed in it so I can't get it back for 2 weeks....i hope to borrow my Aunt's computer for a while, so i can continue to post some pictures of miss CM, but if i dont get to then you know why!!
Just wanted to give you to 411 as to why I havent posted in a while.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Walk it Out

Sunday afternoon, Chloe decided she was going to surprise us and just started walking like no tomorrow, it was sooooo exciting and she was so proud of herself!! The look on her face when she walks now is just priceless!
We have purchased about 4 swimsuits for Miss CM, and tried one of the on her Sunday night, and she looked so sweet, I can't wait to go to the beach and watch Chloe play in the sand for the first time....its going to be awesome!!

**Tomorrow marks our 4th month as a family, so i will of course be having a little photoshoot and taking the monthly picture of Chloe, so check back tomorrow night for it!**

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Well Chloe's playroom is now complete! The other day my moms friend came over and painted a quote from Mulan that I really wanted on the playroom wall, because I think it is a beautiful quote said by the Emperor of China, and it turned out great, im SO excited about it!! Chloe seems to LOVE her new playroom and we spend a lot of time in there at night before her bedtime. Click the collage to see it bigger.

BTW: I took these pictures the other day when Miss Chloe Madison was napping in the swing, so yes in the bottom middle picture shes asleep, lol!

I haven't taken many pictures of CM at all the past few days ( i know, bad Lindsey) so no Pic of tha day =(, BUT when Chloe wakes up from her nap we are headed to Kidsenses so I will definetly take some pics and post them later on tonight or tomorrow morning!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Happy Easter Indeed!!

What a perfect Easter, with the perfect baby girl!! We got all dressed up for church, came home changed into something comfy then me and Chloe watched her new video before taking a nice long nap, then got up refreshed and ready to eat Easter dinner with the family. It was great!!! Enjoy the pictures!!

****Click to enlarge****

Now without further adiou, presenting Miss Chloe Madison Xian in her very first Easter dress...SOOOO precious =)

The Easter bunny brought a lot of goodies for CM and myself, the BIG thing Chloe got was this from mom and dad, but she loves each and every gift!!

**Again, Click to enlarge***

OOO and look what I got from my parents and sister!!!!

This which I just HAD to post a picture of, just because I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It looked really good with my Easter outfit!! I also got This & This in purple from the parents and CM & This from my Nana, Pop & Aunt Deb

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Here comes Peter Cottontail....

This morning, me, mom and Chloe went to our church for Chloe's first Easter egg was so much fun, Chloe seemed to really enjoy it!!! We are looking forward to Easter festivities tomorrow with little Miss Chloe Madison, tonight we dyed some Easter eggs, and tomorrow morning "The Easter Bunny" will drop off many goodies for our little princess! I hope you all have a blessed Easter with your loved ones, don't forget He has Risen!! Ill post pictures from tomorrow sometime on Monday. For now enjoy these pics of Chloe Madison having a blast at church this morning, with her little bunny dress and all (P.S it is SOOOO cold here, so she had to be bundled up when we went outside!)


I couldn't resist posting this funny Easter!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Me & My Friend!

Wednesday me, mom and Chloe met up with the Newsome's again, this time just Madison and her mommy for a little "girls day" and took the little girls to Kidsenses which was a BLAST!! The girls LOVED it and got along so well, they were so sweet together and i love seeing them interact and have fun together! Just seeing them together again makes me smile, 2 PRECIOUS girls!!

Ready to go see Madison, YAY!

Chloe and Madison ready to "shop" in kidsenses...SOO adorable with their tiny grocery carts

"Im gonna get you sissy!"

They crawled up the stairs SO many times

It was very hard to get them to sit still in the kayak together long enough to snap a picture!My little "drummer girl!"
Me and Chloe Madison in the firetruck

Chloe "driving" the firetruck!!

Madison Mei came back to Chloe Madison's house afterwards to play for a bit!! They were so funny together with their washcloths..i just HAD to take a picture!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Apple of My Eye

Not much new to report here on the Chloe front, except Miss CM has realized that food is her best friend and just LOVES to eat (just like me!) she will eat, or at least try almost anything we put in front of her, yet she still has not reached the 20 lb. mark, apparently she has a fast metabolism (again, just like me!). Since there really isint much to say on this post i think im going to take the time to list a few things that Chloe loves at 16 months, because i LOVE looking back at things to see how much Chloe has changed:
~She loves Baby Einstein videos, especially Baby Mozart & Baby Noah
~For breakfast rice cereal with apples and Cherrios
~Her favorite dinner food is Mac & Cheese & Sugar free JellO vanilla pudding!
~One of her new favorite snacks are these organic snack bars
~She still LOVES her warm milk bottles before nap and bedtime, and will drink water from her NuBy sippy cup
~our girl just LOVES bathtime
~She loves animals and makes the sweetest "ooohhh" noices and pokes her lips out when she wants to give them huggies and kisses..hehe SO sweet!
~She loves to go bye bye and be on the go
~Her washcloth must be close at hand at all times
~She still sucks her left middle finger & ring finger when shes sleepy
~she will dance to ANYTHING, including church hymns..very funny
~Loves toys of course, but has her favorite which include: this, this, and this
~Cell phones are still top on her list of things she loves to play with
~she loves to dig through purses and take everything out (she even has her own little purse)
~She's a people person and loves to observe people, she especially loves odd because sometimes we may not even know him and she will just reach her arms right up for him to pick her up..hilerious!

Here are a few pics for POD (Pics Of tha Day) from yesterday...

"say what?! we're going to T@rget?! YAY!!

All smiles in T@rget again (told ya we love this store)

So cute in her new jammies from sissy..they have apples on them

Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy Sunday Before Easter!

Miss Chloe Madison is SOOO excited about the Easter Bunny coming to visit her next Sunday and today she was all smiles in her new bunny dress before church while eating her beloved Cherrios!!!

**Click the picture to see a closeup on little miss CM!**

Heres a little sneak peak into some of the things Miss CM is getting for Easter...

This for her new playroom ; This Baby Einstein video to add to her growing collection; This & This for summer ; and This from her big sissy =)