Saturday, December 15, 2007

Chloe's second birthday party (a little late)

I know i know im like two weeks late on posting this but you know what they say better late than never. lol. well Chloe's party was fabolous and she had an absolute blast like i knew she would. We started the week before her party telling her that she would be having a party soon and that she was going to be two so she kept going around the house saying "paryyy" and "i be two" while holding up two of her fingers, it was soooo precious =). Well we had her party at KidSenses and of course had an Elmo party since Chloe just adores him and was so excited about her "Elmo caKE!" it was one of her favorite parts i think! The cake was actually a cupcake cake shaped like elmo's head, sooo cute! Heres a picture of it...i got alot of attention walking around walmart carrying it hehe!

I wish i had taken a picture of Chloe's face when she saw her cake, it was priceless. she was so in awe of it and just kept on saying "elmo" "elmo"! She blew her candles out like such a big girl i was so proud of my big girl and just almost cried seeing the excitement in her eyes throughout the whole party. she makes me sooooo happy!!!
Those are my favorite picture of Chloe, i love her face and the joy in her face on both of them. She also looks sooo big in them.

Here are some more pictures from her party. Just click the collage to enlarge it....

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!

Chloe had a great birthday even though i don't think she actually comprehends the whole birthday meaning she still had fun at our little family party. If you ask her about her birthday she continues to say "i'll be TWO" even though we keep telling her you ARE two, she cracks me up =). Tomorrow is the big birthday party so we are getting ready for that, Im giving her a powerwheels barbie ATV and i cant wait to see her reaction because she loves "mo-cycles".

The cake before she demolished it =)

So obviously the cake was a big hit =)

The horsey nana and pop gave Chloe for her birthday. She loves it!!