Sunday, February 4, 2007

Good Friends, A New Ride, & Piggytails!

I'm playing catch up since im a little behind on blogging...well last saturday night, we went to eat with the Newsome family, who was in our travel group and who also live very close to us AND whose daughter, Madison Mei was Chloe Madison's orphanage sister in Maonan SWI, so with everything we have in common we couldn't stand not seeing each other and have decided to get together at least once a month so the girls can continue to see each other grow. Anyways during the trip to China we grew very close to every family in our group and consider everyone lifelong friends of ours who share this amazing bond that no one can break! After a great meal and much laughter we decided to get someone to take a picture of our families...and it turned out quite well i think!

So after that, Me, mom, dad and Chloe went to Target to do a little shopping and decided to buy Chloe a new "ride" to celebrate our one month since returning from China...when we got home and put it together she was so excited and just LOVES to ride it..its so adorable!

Also earlier that week i was babysitting Chloe while mom went and got her hair done, so I decided to just try and put her hair in little piggytails for the first time and to my surprise she actually didn't mind me putting them in and kept both in for at least 30 minutes!! She looked darling and i cannot wait until this summer when she has a little more hair to put more piggytails in...hehe =).....


Sarah said...

Love the pigtails! She looks so cute!

Catherine said...

what adorable litte piggy tails! But then, how could you go wrong on that cute little model?

Glad you're able to maintain the friendship with your travel group friends.

Wendy said...

She looks so cute!

Leda Perry said...

Oh my - that is adorable. She really is precious...I watched you dancing in the hotel room in China with her a few weeks back, I think. Glad you are enjoying your baby sis.

Ed and Lisa said...

Oh I love the piggy tails! I am trying with Gracie but I just don't think her hair is long enough yet. :(

How special it is that you are keeping in touch with other families. We are in touch with about 7 other families, 5 of whom we were in touch with a year before we even left for China! One of those families is heading down here to Orlando this weekend to visit us and we are sooo excited! I think it's important to keep in touch too.

Have a great week!
Lisa :)