Friday, September 28, 2007

Long time no update

Man has it really been a month since ive updated?!?! wow. what a month! So lots of pictures to share and Chloe info to dish out. This post is probably going to be jumbled and all over the place as i have a lot of stuff to update on an information to share. Ive been super busy with school and other activities that I hardly ever get to snap pictures of miss thang anymore besides the pictures I am taking for my photography class (i will share some at the end of the sem.). Chloe is growing at lightning speed and continues to amaze me with her ability to take in information and learn new things. She can now name about 6 different animal sounds when asked and can point to her eyes, ears, nose, mouth and eyes when asked. She also LOVES to look at her books and will sit down and "read" forever if you let her. She has grown and matured so much since that day in december when she became my sister and amazes me everyday

Just a picture i snapped with my camera phone in walmart one day. is it just me or does she look soo big in it?

I snapped this picture of Chloe in her pj's on our nana and pop's porch last week and yes it got chilly last week so thats why shes wearing the jacket =]

Now onto halloween. Oh am i ever psyched about that and can't wait to take Chloe trick-or-treating, ive been dreaming about this for years! So Chloe does have a costume and im sure everyone wants to know what our sweet girl is going to be. Of course we HADD to dress her as a ladybug to continue the China good luck charm tradition alive. heh. So check out our little ladybug (she will have little sparkly shoes and cute makeup and accessories by 10/31)

She just adores this outfit and wants to put it on daily saying "abug"!

Like i mentioned briefly in the last post, Chloe is infatuated with my new bff Cady and just loves it when she comes and spends the night which is a lot as Cady is practically a member of the family. Cady is so good with her and we have such fun playing and acting crazy together, and did i mention she has lots of horses with is one of Chloe's favorite animals?! I take Chloe at least once a week to see the "orseys" and to watch Cady ride them and she loves loves loves playing outside with all the horses it just makes her day! I am still amazed at the bond Chloe has formed with Cady and it just warms my heart to see Chloe smile when Cady comes over. Chloe has a little pegboard in her room with pictures of family and of course Cady, she goes up to it everyday and points to the picture and says "ca-ey" over and over =]

♥ my two loves ♥

Love it!

Heres a video of Chloe talking to Cady's picture on the computer. i love her little voice it makes me happy =]

Last but not least we celebrated nine wonderful months with Chloe on the 18th and so here is the monthly chair picture along with the others...

I'll update again in a few weeks, i hope everyone is well =]