Wednesday, May 28, 2008

IM BACK (with lots of pictures)

Sorry it has been soooooo long since i have updated this thing. time just seems to slip away. im planning on starting a new blg for the summer so if anyone is willing to help me out on the layout please email me at Everything is good here, Chloe is growing and talking like crazy! Here are a few pics from the past month..all were taken with my new Nikon D40 camera i got for christmas. some things about Chloe: she has taken a amazing facination with horses and is even riding! my best friend rides horses and has a pony Beauty and Chloe rides her and just loves it..she is quite the natural =] she also loves Barney as of lately and loves to sing all the songs with the children on the show.

On St Patty's Day!

With her horsie Sage

Easter 2008

Holding flowers!

Getting ready to ride!

such a sweet sweet girl!

Ready for summer (this picture was taken last week!)