Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Apple of My Eye

Not much new to report here on the Chloe front, except Miss CM has realized that food is her best friend and just LOVES to eat (just like me!) she will eat, or at least try almost anything we put in front of her, yet she still has not reached the 20 lb. mark, apparently she has a fast metabolism (again, just like me!). Since there really isint much to say on this post i think im going to take the time to list a few things that Chloe loves at 16 months, because i LOVE looking back at things to see how much Chloe has changed:
~She loves Baby Einstein videos, especially Baby Mozart & Baby Noah
~For breakfast rice cereal with apples and Cherrios
~Her favorite dinner food is Mac & Cheese & Sugar free JellO vanilla pudding!
~One of her new favorite snacks are these organic snack bars
~She still LOVES her warm milk bottles before nap and bedtime, and will drink water from her NuBy sippy cup
~our girl just LOVES bathtime
~She loves animals and makes the sweetest "ooohhh" noices and pokes her lips out when she wants to give them huggies and kisses..hehe SO sweet!
~She loves to go bye bye and be on the go
~Her washcloth must be close at hand at all times
~She still sucks her left middle finger & ring finger when shes sleepy
~she will dance to ANYTHING, including church hymns..very funny
~Loves toys of course, but has her favorite which include: this, this, and this
~Cell phones are still top on her list of things she loves to play with
~she loves to dig through purses and take everything out (she even has her own little purse)
~She's a people person and loves to observe people, she especially loves men..lol..its odd because sometimes we may not even know him and she will just reach her arms right up for him to pick her up..hilerious!

Here are a few pics for POD (Pics Of tha Day) from yesterday...

"say what?! we're going to T@rget?! YAY!!

All smiles in T@rget again (told ya we love this store)

So cute in her new jammies from sissy..they have apples on them


C.J. said...

What a little flirt :0)

Wannell Willard said...

It brightens my day to see this sweet little face.

Robin said...

Oh my gosh.. I get a chuckle everyday from CM pictures. She has the cutest little smile/grin. I especially love those piggy faces! Sounds like your mei mei is doing just grand being a part of your family. I'm sure she is loved to death and spoiled rotten. (after all, what are little sisters for?) :-)

Kim said...

She is simply adorable. I just want to pinch those cheeks!!!