Thursday, April 12, 2007


Well Chloe's playroom is now complete! The other day my moms friend came over and painted a quote from Mulan that I really wanted on the playroom wall, because I think it is a beautiful quote said by the Emperor of China, and it turned out great, im SO excited about it!! Chloe seems to LOVE her new playroom and we spend a lot of time in there at night before her bedtime. Click the collage to see it bigger.

BTW: I took these pictures the other day when Miss Chloe Madison was napping in the swing, so yes in the bottom middle picture shes asleep, lol!

I haven't taken many pictures of CM at all the past few days ( i know, bad Lindsey) so no Pic of tha day =(, BUT when Chloe wakes up from her nap we are headed to Kidsenses so I will definetly take some pics and post them later on tonight or tomorrow morning!!


C.J. said...

The room looks amazing! I love that quote perfect :0)

Catherine said...

Great playroom! So bright and for Princess Chloe.

PS - Love the pic of her sleeping in the swing!

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

Her playroom is awesome!! I'm jealous! :)
LOVE the color of the walls!! And the quote is GREAT!!

Amy said...

I found your site from a friends site. Beautiful room! What a wonderful sister you are for Chloe. A true blessing!

Ryan and Heather said...

What a neat playroom, I love the color on the walls, it's very similar to the playroom that we are doing for our future baby. The quote turned our wonderful-what a great idea!