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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

IM BACK (with lots of pictures)

Sorry it has been soooooo long since i have updated this thing. time just seems to slip away. im planning on starting a new blg for the summer so if anyone is willing to help me out on the layout please email me at Everything is good here, Chloe is growing and talking like crazy! Here are a few pics from the past month..all were taken with my new Nikon D40 camera i got for christmas. some things about Chloe: she has taken a amazing facination with horses and is even riding! my best friend rides horses and has a pony Beauty and Chloe rides her and just loves it..she is quite the natural =] she also loves Barney as of lately and loves to sing all the songs with the children on the show.

On St Patty's Day!

With her horsie Sage

Easter 2008

Holding flowers!

Getting ready to ride!

such a sweet sweet girl!

Ready for summer (this picture was taken last week!)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Chloe's second birthday party (a little late)

I know i know im like two weeks late on posting this but you know what they say better late than never. lol. well Chloe's party was fabolous and she had an absolute blast like i knew she would. We started the week before her party telling her that she would be having a party soon and that she was going to be two so she kept going around the house saying "paryyy" and "i be two" while holding up two of her fingers, it was soooo precious =). Well we had her party at KidSenses and of course had an Elmo party since Chloe just adores him and was so excited about her "Elmo caKE!" it was one of her favorite parts i think! The cake was actually a cupcake cake shaped like elmo's head, sooo cute! Heres a picture of it...i got alot of attention walking around walmart carrying it hehe!

I wish i had taken a picture of Chloe's face when she saw her cake, it was priceless. she was so in awe of it and just kept on saying "elmo" "elmo"! She blew her candles out like such a big girl i was so proud of my big girl and just almost cried seeing the excitement in her eyes throughout the whole party. she makes me sooooo happy!!!
Those are my favorite picture of Chloe, i love her face and the joy in her face on both of them. She also looks sooo big in them.

Here are some more pictures from her party. Just click the collage to enlarge it....

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!

Chloe had a great birthday even though i don't think she actually comprehends the whole birthday meaning she still had fun at our little family party. If you ask her about her birthday she continues to say "i'll be TWO" even though we keep telling her you ARE two, she cracks me up =). Tomorrow is the big birthday party so we are getting ready for that, Im giving her a powerwheels barbie ATV and i cant wait to see her reaction because she loves "mo-cycles".

The cake before she demolished it =)

So obviously the cake was a big hit =)

The horsey nana and pop gave Chloe for her birthday. She loves it!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And she's TWO!

Sorry for the lack of posting in the past few months...things have been crazy hectic and not in a good way and i promise i will catch up on the last few months in a couple of days and post plenty of pics but for now I want to do a special post because tomorrow my sweet asian princess turns TWO.

With this milestone comes so many mixed emotions for me. I was talking to my best friend Cady on the phone last night and I was telling her about how I wonder if Chloe's birthmother is thinking of her at this very moment and if she ever thinks about the child she gave up on this date two years ago? There is just so many unanswered questions i have that i can't even put into words that just seem to come to life on this day. I just wish I could see her birthmother and thank her for this precious child just to let her know how Chloe is loved by so many people and how much joy she has brought into my life. Its bittersweet. Cady was listening to this amazing song the other day while on the phone with me called Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawks. The lyrics of this song seem to speak to me and remind me of Chloe's birthmother and the emotions she might have had on that day two years ago. The feelings that I can't put into words seem to be in this song. Turn your speakers up and listen to this amazing song I promise you it will make your heart smile. here's the lyrics also in case your interested.....
Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawks.
If you'll be my star
I'll be your sky
you can hide underneath me and come out at night
when I turn jet black and you show off your light
I live to let you shine
I live to let you shine

but you can skyrocket away from me
and never come back if you find another galaxy
far from here with more room to fly
just leave me your stardust to remember you by

If you'll be my boat
I'll be your sea
a depth of pure blue just to probe curiosity
ebbing and flowing and pushed by a breeze
I live to make you free
I live to make you free

But you can set sail to the west if you want to
and past the horizon till I can't even see you
far from here where the beaches are wide
just leave me your wake to remember you by

If you'll be my star
I'll be your sky
you can hide underneath me and come out at night
when I turn jet black and you show off your light
I live to let you shine
I live to let you shine
But you can skyrocket away from me
and never come back if you find another galaxy
far from here with more room to fly
just leave me your stardust to remember you by
stardust to remember you by.

That song is dedicated to Chloe's birthmother on this special day. I hope somehow she finds peace in her heart.

Tomorrow Cady and I are taking Chloe some fun places for her birthday then we are having a family party later that evening. Chloe's party isin't until saturday and of course its an ELMO party so look for pictures =). For now I leave you with a few recent pictures of the birthday girl who continues to be my shining star each and every day.

Chloe's two favorite things...Elmo and a horse hehe.

Riding the golf cart on Thanksgiving =]

Friday, September 28, 2007

Long time no update

Man has it really been a month since ive updated?!?! wow. what a month! So lots of pictures to share and Chloe info to dish out. This post is probably going to be jumbled and all over the place as i have a lot of stuff to update on an information to share. Ive been super busy with school and other activities that I hardly ever get to snap pictures of miss thang anymore besides the pictures I am taking for my photography class (i will share some at the end of the sem.). Chloe is growing at lightning speed and continues to amaze me with her ability to take in information and learn new things. She can now name about 6 different animal sounds when asked and can point to her eyes, ears, nose, mouth and eyes when asked. She also LOVES to look at her books and will sit down and "read" forever if you let her. She has grown and matured so much since that day in december when she became my sister and amazes me everyday

Just a picture i snapped with my camera phone in walmart one day. is it just me or does she look soo big in it?

I snapped this picture of Chloe in her pj's on our nana and pop's porch last week and yes it got chilly last week so thats why shes wearing the jacket =]

Now onto halloween. Oh am i ever psyched about that and can't wait to take Chloe trick-or-treating, ive been dreaming about this for years! So Chloe does have a costume and im sure everyone wants to know what our sweet girl is going to be. Of course we HADD to dress her as a ladybug to continue the China good luck charm tradition alive. heh. So check out our little ladybug (she will have little sparkly shoes and cute makeup and accessories by 10/31)

She just adores this outfit and wants to put it on daily saying "abug"!

Like i mentioned briefly in the last post, Chloe is infatuated with my new bff Cady and just loves it when she comes and spends the night which is a lot as Cady is practically a member of the family. Cady is so good with her and we have such fun playing and acting crazy together, and did i mention she has lots of horses with is one of Chloe's favorite animals?! I take Chloe at least once a week to see the "orseys" and to watch Cady ride them and she loves loves loves playing outside with all the horses it just makes her day! I am still amazed at the bond Chloe has formed with Cady and it just warms my heart to see Chloe smile when Cady comes over. Chloe has a little pegboard in her room with pictures of family and of course Cady, she goes up to it everyday and points to the picture and says "ca-ey" over and over =]

♥ my two loves ♥

Love it!

Heres a video of Chloe talking to Cady's picture on the computer. i love her little voice it makes me happy =]

Last but not least we celebrated nine wonderful months with Chloe on the 18th and so here is the monthly chair picture along with the others...

I'll update again in a few weeks, i hope everyone is well =]

Monday, August 27, 2007

Taking a break

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, classes started last friday & im enrolled full time so ive been busy with all that not so fun stuff . Ive decided to take a bit of a blogger break again, im not sure how long it will be but i just really haven't had the time/energy to blog. The only thing ive been doing on here besides school stuff is myspace haha.

Heres a quick update....Chloe is doing great and is getting more and more comfortable with going to other people. we've had a really hard time getting her to let other people hold her besides our really close family that she sees everyday. Last week i had a friend spend the night almost every night so Chloe got used to seeing a new person and getting comfortable with her and will now reach out for my friend to hold her when shes around. Chloe even reached out for her today while i was holding her and it made me happy to see her trust build.

heres a picture of Chloe with a smily face balloon today!

i might pop in once a week and post a picture or two but im not making any promises and i really dont know when i will be back to regular posting.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Glamour Girl

Chloe loves putting on sunglasses and walking around with them on, no matter whos sunglasses they are! This poor kid doesn't even have much of a nose so she has to balance them with her hands to keep them on which makes it more adorable if you ask me =). Sometimes she will tilt her head back to keep them from falling and i joke with her about being a gangsta because she looks like shes trying to be "cool", lol. She does have a pair of her own, little pink ones that we've had for a while but she prefers the over-sized ones like the ones i wear which are big (because we all know that big sunglasses are in) the bigger the sunglasses the cuter they look on her with her tiny nose =). I call her my little glamour girl a lot when she wears them because she looks SO glamourous!!

**as always, click to enlarge**

Sunday, August 19, 2007

8 months a family!!!

Sorry for the lack in posting lately, classes started friday so ive been busy getting my schedule fixed, getting school supplies, etc.
Yesterday we celebrated 8 months since Chloe day! Its hard to believe its been 8 whole months since Chloe was handed to us, 8 months of amazing fun filled days with this precious child! I know i say this alot but its truly amazing the strides Chloe has made since day 1, just having the ability to trust us to supply her needs never ceases to amaze me. This has been the most amazing journey and i am forever grateful to have the opportunity to love this sweet girl.
I love comparing each month's picture to the previous ones just to see how much Chloe has grown so this month i added one of the referral pictures we recieved to this slide show.

Here are a few more pictures from our little 8 month photoshoot....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Brown Eyed Girl (and bubbles!)

You probably know where im going with this post just by the after seeing dozens of websites with this adorable shirt on them i finally broke down and bought Miss Chloe THE shirt everyone talks about, because everyone does love a brown eyed girl!

We have this pig bubble maker that spits out bubbles when you press the handle on the back that Chloe LOVES. We've had it for a while but Chloe was scared of it for the longest time and wouldn't even get near the thing yet seems to have grown to love it. Its so adorable the way she says "bubbles!" with such excitement, oh how I love this girl!

Lastly I wanted to post a cute collage of Chloe from yesterday after we got home from a day of shopping! Aren't her little Cr0c$ just to die for?

**as always, click to enlarge**

Monday, August 13, 2007

Chloe's first haircut and weekend ramblings!

Lately we have been noticing that Miss Chloe's hair has been getting way long in the front and was even touching her nose and the back had started to look uneven so we decided that it was time for her to get her first haircut (not counting the fact that her head was shaved in China). We really weren't sure how she would react to it but she did great and was a champ through the whole thing. All she really got was a little trim on the front and also on the back to cut all the dead ends she had so her hair can grow faster and thicker now! Her hair looks alot healther now and is sooo easy to do, I personally think it makes her look a lot older!

before (see how long her hair was in the front?! We were constantly struggling to keep it out of her eyes!)

after (i think she likes it)!!

Just some pics taken while she was getting it cut!

Taken saturday, looking pretty for the social worker =)!

Saturday after our social worker came to do the 1st placement visit me and Chloe were playing around in our family room where she was acting like a little ham doing the funnest things and making the funniest faces. She would do her "drama queen" act and come running towards me with her arms out in front of her going "aahhhhh" pretending to be screaming coming towards me to "knock" me down, it was priceless (I SO need to video it, might do that soon!) So i grabbed my camera (of course) and shot this picture which we (my parents and I) think is hilerious!

I LOVE that face!

Saturday night I took Chloe over to our cousin's house so she could play with her cousin Mason who will be 3 in october and it was so funny watching them together! Of course it took Chloe a while to warm up to them especially with a hyper little boy running circles around her, but once she did they started to play and laugh together. So Mason's mom and I decided to load them up in her car and take them to play at Mason's grandparents house which Chloe enjoyed alot! I thought they looked so cute in the car on the way that i had to take a picture (imagine that, lol).

Don't they look cute together? =)

Tomorrow me, mom and Chloe are going shopping for a few early fall clothes. YES!! Gymboree here I come!!! I am sooo excited about their new princess line which just happens to be PURPLE, my favorite color =)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Beach pictures at last (and lots of 'em!)

Sorry it has taken me sooo long to post the beach pics but it's taken me forever to do the collages, probably because I took so many pictures during our beach trip! I LOVE Charleston and The Isle of Palms and cannot wait to go back (hopefully during Labor Day!). I think it would be an understatement to say that Chloe enjoyed the beach, she had the time of her life and charmed every single person she came in contact with!
Tomorrow afternoon our social worker is coming to do the post placement visit so Chloe will have on one of my personal favorite outfits for the occasion ( so i will be taking lots of pics) and even got her very first haircut today to go along with it (pics of that to come!) So this is pretty much it for playing catch up from my hiatus, so next time you see pics of Miss Chloe she will be sporting her new hairdo!!!

*The Isle of Palms beach!*

*Swimmin at the hotel pool!*

*Check out them piggytails!*

*I LOVE that dress, btw don't her new Crocs look cute?! heh!*

*A lot of random pics i wanted to share!*

As always **click to enlarge**

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Beautiful pictures of my girl!

Im almost done doing collages of the beach pictures but wanted to post these pictures that Melanie over at Blossom Memories did for me of my sweet Chloe. I think they turned out great and i love the way she did them. Thanks Melanie for doing these for me i will definetely be contacting you to do more soon!