Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Walk it Out

Sunday afternoon, Chloe decided she was going to surprise us and just started walking like no tomorrow, it was sooooo exciting and she was so proud of herself!! The look on her face when she walks now is just priceless!
We have purchased about 4 swimsuits for Miss CM, and tried one of the on her Sunday night, and she looked so sweet, I can't wait to go to the beach and watch Chloe play in the sand for the first time....its going to be awesome!!

**Tomorrow marks our 4th month as a family, so i will of course be having a little photoshoot and taking the monthly picture of Chloe, so check back tomorrow night for it!**


Wannell Willard said...

Yay! Chloe looks like she is so proud of herself, walking around. She is just precious. I know you can't wait to go to the beach, ya'll are gonna have sooo much fun.

C.J. said...

Oh wow...that is so much cuteness going on!

Watch out - now you'll have to chase Ms CM

Doris & Dan said...

Congrats you adorable walking bathing beauty!

Time flies when you are having fun!

Keep smilin!

Lisa~~ said...

Yeah Chloe, keep up the great walking!

Catherine said...

Great walking CM! Look at her go in her adorable swimsuit. Cuteness in motion!

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

yay Chloe!!

Cute suit, I saw it at Taget and thought it was so adorable!

Stephe said...

Go Chloe Go!

Love the bathing suit!!!


Jen said...

I am Jen from Ontario Canada. I have been following your blog with my daughters for a little while now. I just wanted to encourage you, and tell you what a blessing you have been to us. I have 4 born-of-my-womb children 14, 10, 8, 5.
There is still at least one child that I have carried in my heart for years now....my Chinese daughter. We are in very preliminary stages of adoption...but have felt to wait.
That has concerned me as my children get older and older. When I found your blog, I shared it with my oldest...a son, it opened up a great conversation with him about the whole process. I was able to relax in God's timetable, as my son told me how cool he thinks it all is, and that he already thinks it is pretty cool that he could be having children when his youngest sister graduates from high school.
My youngest 2 are girls....and they can't wait for their Chinese sister(s)....they talk about them at school, and my heart aches, because I know we have such a long road ahead of us. Your pictures of beautiful little Chloe help them though...my 8 year old is often on here playing and replaying your video clips...I think she has fallen in love....and why not? Chloe is a treasure. Thank you for sharing her with the world in such a fun and personal way!

Bless you big sister...