Sunday, April 29, 2007


First off, today is Chloe's 17 month birthday AND 4 months since we returned home with Chloe...what a big girl she is becoming, and how far she has come since we've had her home!! I love her so very much

Ok so this not having my laptop for two weeks is really starting to get to me, i have found myself totally wandering around my room aimlessly each night trying to find something to fill the void in my life, and thus far i have watched about 10+ episodes of Law & Order:SVU and exactly 2 episodes of the Tyra Banks show each night for the past 10 days just trying to ease the no laptop pain =( NOT EASY! Seriously, after having a laptop with wireless internet for over a year now i honestly do not think i could live long without it, after the two weeks is up im probably going to be seeking some CAA meetings (Computer Addicts Anon.) to help me with this obsession, many hours of therapy WILL be needed. Ok just needed to vent a as soon as i get my laptop back (im on my aunts now) I will probably be posting numerious times a day so look forward to that hopefully by the end of this week. Now on to pics of miss Chloe!

"Driving Miss Booty" (her nickname..hehe)
Eating a doughnut!!
P.S- I am only on this computer long enough to check my email and post this, so if you have left me comments and i have not responded, this is!


Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Ahh! No computer for 2 weeks?! I don't think I could handle it!! LOL
Congrats on being home with Chloe for 4 months! Wow, how time flies...It does not seem like that long ago since we were in China!!
Miss Chloe Madison looks just stunning in her pretty dress driving and eating her donut! How cute!! :)

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

I couldn't survive that long without the computer... I feel for you!

Cute pictures!:

Holly said...

Same here it would be very hard for me to not have the computer for two whole weeks! Love the picture of Chloe in the car!

C.J. said...

Both wearing AND driving my favorite color :0) A kiddo of good taste!

amy said...

I havent posted in a while...Shes getting so big and has a beautiful smile...

Catherine said...

Just stopping in to say we miss you. Hope you're just having way too much fun to post right now.

Have a great day!