Sunday, March 4, 2007

Little Shopaholic!

So yesterday, mom, Chloe and I decided to go shopping for a couple of hours since we LOVE to shop! Well Chloe Madison of course got a bunch of new outfits for summer (like she NEEDED anything else to wear!) and we had a great time, CM was such a champ and just loves to be out and about! Weekends are just awesome! Here are the pics of the day from Saturday, but no pics on friday because poor CM had to get 5 shots and blood drawn at the doctor =( so she didn't feel like "posing" for any pictures.

I love my sister, she means everything to me!
"Playing" the piano!
Chloe Madison and Sissy playing a tune =)
CM checking out her new puzzle she got today! Playing on her new princess play mat!
Love that laugh!!
Close up on that sweet smile =)


Wannell Willard said...

So Chloe is a shopper, well....she gets it honest, she's a female. A girl can never have enough clothes. I hope that Chloe feels better after all those shots and bloodwork. She has the sweetest smile.

C.J. said...

Her smile lights up the room! Nothing like a little retail therapy to soothe her wee self after all those shots :0)

Lee-Anne said...

That smile is cute-a-licious!

Gorgeous new puzzles! I'm sure Chloe will have them all worked out in no time!

Doris & Dan said...

What a sweetie!

Keep smilin!