Thursday, March 1, 2007

Celebrations all Around!

Well since there is no 29th in Feb. today, March 1st might as well mark Chloe's 15 month b-day, & 2 months since we arrived home from China so happy birthday baby girl! Today was also one of my best friend Mary's 18th Birthday!!! So today was pretty much a triple happy day =). Very busy i must say!! Later on this weekend sometime im going to put together a little slideshow of me and Mary over the past years as a little post 18th birthday dedication post for her because we have been through so much together the past few years that i really want to do something special for look for that =)

Yesterday's POD (pic of day), goin shoppin with mom and sissy for Mary's bday gift
Me and Mary on our way bac 2 her house after goin out to eat
Catherine (Marys sis) decided she could eat the most hot wings at dinner..well she ate 7 and got most of it on her face =) lol shes a crazy kid
Love this pic of my little lady =) she looks like shes posin for the camera lol

My mom took this tonite after celebratin Mary's bday..i was so excited to see my mei mei! We were playin "Getcha!"

I got sure do love playing with this little girl!


Catherine said...

Love the matching dimples of the sissy's in the 'getcha' pic!

Happy Birthday Mary! Looking forward to the slide show. What a great gift!

Joanne said...

Just love reading your blog. Chloe is the cutest!!! Must know where you got the ladybug stroller!!!! Thank you, Joanne

Wannell Willard said...

Such sweet pics. Happy Birthday Marybeth, I thought about her yesterday, cause it was also Keith & Wavolyn's 26th wedding anniversary. I can't wait to see the slideshow of you and Marybeth, I know that the two of you have shared many memories together.

Lee-Anne said...

Happy 15 Months CHLOE and of course Happy Birthday to Mary as well! Looks like it was a fantastic day!