Monday, March 5, 2007

Strollin with friends and Shopping again!

Sorry for taking so long to update, I had planned on posting yesterdays pics this morning but the internet was down, so im just now getting a chance to post....Yesterday (sunday) was a pretty relaxing day, but it was cooold =( after a week of pretty weather here comes the cold again which really upsets me because after all that nice weather i had gotten excited about summer, right when it gets bitter cold again!! Yesterday afternoon CM had some visitors come over to see her!! Catherine and Carlie (AKA the redheads) walked over to my house (Cat's dad lives in my neighborhood so they didnt walk and we decided to put Chloe in the stroller and get some fresh (cold) air so I bundled CM up and plopped her in her stroller and off we went. Well obviously with 2 girls along i didn't get to stroll her long, because the whole time they were fighting over who was going to stroll her next..sheesh it was like a competition or Well we went inside after we all got cold and watched a movie, so yea it was a pretty good day overall!! Enjoy the pics from yesterday and today!!!
Baby, its cold outside
Carlie, Chloe and Catherine strolling around the neighborhood on sunday (& yea it was freezing but Carlie and Cat decided they didnt need jackets but ended up
haha after the stroll Carlie and Catherine started playing with Chloe's table and were having so much fun that I decided to give them sippy cups to drink out they were playing with a baby toy..they were like "I DONT think so!!"
In case you haven't realized it yet, this kid LOVES to
Lovin on her ducky =) sooooo sweet!

"I love bathtime =)"

Today me mom and Chloe went shopping again (yes we shop all the time lol) and went to Toys R Us to look at some beach things for CM and ended up letting her "test" some of the riding toys..and she totally fell in LOVE with this little pink and purple horsey that lights up and moves its mouth when you press its ear, Chloe Madison started "dancing" every time the button was pressed and decided to pitch a little fit when i got her off of it...hmm maybe the Easter Bunny will surprise her with one ;)

"this thing is pretty nifty..i think i love!"


Wannell Willard said...

The "redheads" are sweet, fighting over who gets to stroll Chloe. My boys used to time each other, when Mackenzie was born, then it was the other ones turn to hold her. I also remember those "fit pitching" days, when we were in a store and the only way I could get out of the store was to buy that toy. The only thing you can do, is to love them....and spoil them rotten.

Lee-Anne said...

The girls look gorgeous together! I love that Chloes outfit matches her stroller!!!

She's also lookin mighty spiffy in her panda outfit!!