Tuesday, February 27, 2007

POD: A Rainy Sunday, Sippy Cups, Flower Ears & Sittin Pretty

Ok so i've been a little busy playing with miss thang here lately and am just now getting a chance to post some pics from the past few days..lol...little Chloe Madison's personality has just blossomed over the past week and I am loving every second I spend with her..she ROCKS =)

Sunday it was raining so after Church me & Chloe decided to lay around watching Baby Einstein all day...she was a little ham posing for the camera!

Chloe doesn't seem to understand that shes supposed to DRINK out of the sippy cup instead of playing with it!! We're working on that!!!

Shes probably thinking "Are you serious?? Im SO not wearing these things!" These are gunna be part of her Easter ensamble IF she will participate =)

I just love this picture of her that I took on Monday, I love the way shes looking out like shes soaking it all in..she LOVES watching and observing people!


Kim said...

What a little cutie! She is getting so big!

Wannell Willard said...

Sweet pics. Chloe looks so cute in her flower head gear. Her sweet personality is really showing.

Catherine said...

My is she growing! Too cute! Love the flower headband! It's easy to see why you're having so much fun hanging out with your little sis!

Lee-Anne said...

They're all gorgeous pics! She is the most stylin baby there is!!!

Meg said...

LOVE the picture of her with the flower headband...that is adorable!