Monday, June 4, 2007

Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty busy. Friday night me, mom, and Chloe decided to go out to eat and shopping for a bit, just us girls! We had a blast and Miss Chloe decided when we went out to eat that she wanted to be a "greeter" and wave to every single person who came in, it was sooo funny! Where we went to eat, Steak and Ale, they have this really nice little sitting area outside that Chloe just loved and I just HAD to take pics of because it was just really nice and Chloe had on one of my personal favorite dresses!

Saturday and sunday i decided to take a little break from taking pics because I always seem to miss a lot by constantly taking pics of our girl! Saturday we had a family reunion to go to and Chloe got to meet (& greet!) a lot of relatives, many of which hadnt seen Chloe yet. Chloe seemed to charm every single person there and got a lot of attention (of course). She is the only Chinese/Asian family member and I was so grateful to see how taken everybody was with her and just so very welcoming to her, which meant a lot to me. Later that day we went to a little birthday party for a little boy who we are really close to, and Chloe had a blast! Sunday after church we spent a lot of the afternoon with R&R then while I watched a little Top Model marathon, mom took Chloe over to my nana & pops house. When they got back, one of my friends and her sister came over to see our girl and Chloe got to spend some time with "the big girls" and just had a blast hanging out with us, laughing and carrying on, it was great! Now that the weekend's over, COME ON REFERRALS!!!!!!


Holly said...

I just love the cell phone pic! Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend.

Wannell Willard said...

Glad your family reunion went well, and that Chloe was welcomed into your family. She is so adorable and makes all of you so happy, how could they resist.

OziMum said...

You said it! come on referrals!!!
Here in Aust, we're usually up to 2 wks behind you with the referrals... so the quicker the US folks get theirs the quicker they get to us!!!

Love Chloe-girl on the phone! Sign of things to come?!

Doris & Dan said...

She is too adorable in her little pink Crocs!

Keep smilin!