Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Chloe's first trip to the ER

Yup its true, last night we had to take our sweet girl to the ER. Miss Chloe got bit by some kind of insect on the top of her foot the other day while playing outside and by monday night it was swollen and very inflamed. We werent alarmed until her little toes started turning a purplish color and the top of her foot had a few blisters which were draining a clear fluid, so we decided not to chance anything and drove to the Pediatric ER in Spartanburg (about 30 min from our house). We are so glad we did! They got us in quick and were so nice to Chloe, they even gave her a little stuffed Elmo which she obviously LOVED! The Dr. told us that theres really no way to know exactly what bit her since we didn't acutally see the insect and prescribed an antibiotic & another type of mediacation for allergies so Chloe should be good to go in a few days! She was a little trooper and LOVED the little crib in our room at the ER. I took a few pics with my camera phone of our little sweety.

"cool crib!"


"This ER trip is making me thirsty!"

"This tastes good!"


Doris & Dan said...

Poor bunny! What a trooper.

Hope the meds work fast.

Keep smilin!

C.J. said...

I'm glad all is well for Ms. Cutie. I need an ER like that one. Our patients get needles rather than stuffed Elmos :0(

Beverly said...

That is scary. If it weren't for spiders and flying bugs I wouldn't mind the outdoors so much. Hope lil sis is feeling better soon.


AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

Ohh poor Chloe! I'm glad she's okay. Cute pictures!!!

Holly said...

So glad she is ok. What a trooper.

BigSis said...

I'm glad she's okay! Luv the pics.


Wannell Willard said...

I was sorry to hear that Chloe was spider or bug bitten. I hope she feels better real soon. I will keep her in my prayers.