Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy 18 months big girl!

Today, my little sister turned 18 months old, and we had a great day together to celebrate this mini milestone! I still can't believe how big she is getting and that she is 18 months old already! It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating her 1st birthday right before we went to get her and now she has been part of our family for over 5 months, in that time she has grown and changed so much. Today was an extra important day for my family because we were not able to be united with Chloe in time for her 1st birthday, so this is the first birthday celebration we've had with her. She has brought so much joy into my life, and I am already SO proud of my big 18 month old girl! I love her more than anything, she is the sunshine of my life! **click the first collage to enlarge**

After dinner tonight, Miss CM got a big pink sugar cookie with sprinkles for her special day! She was so cute with it but had a hard time figuring out what she was supposed to do with such a large cookie but finally figured out what to do with it after seeing me, mom and nana eating a cookie of our own


OziMum said...

Wow! 18 months! Chloe gets prettier with every passing day! Maybe it helps that she has the prettiest wardrobe selection on the planet?!!!

Doris & Dan said...

Happy 18 Months Sweetpea!

Keep smilin!

C.J. said...

Happy 18 months! It's going by so quickly....tell her to slow down a little ;0)

Donna & Joe said...

Hi Lindsey,

I haven't checked in with you for a while and I can't believe how big Chloe is getting. She is so totally adorable!!

I love your photo layout from cute. The dress she has on is adorable.

You are one GREAT big sis!

Donna :)

Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Awww! Happy 18 month old Birthday Chloe!! She looks stunning in her cute watermelon dress and I am sure she had fun with her PINK cookie!! :)

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

Happy 18 months, Chloe!!!

I love her dress! We saw it the other day, but my mom said AC had too many clothes :(. Chloe looks adorable in it!

Wannell Willard said...

Happy 18 months Chloe! She is just too adorable. Loving all the pics.