Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So today Miss Chloe Madison Xian went with her sister to play with their cousin Mason..and boy did she have fun! She was stylin in her pink Gymboree outfit and so excited to get to see Mason again and Mason was SO excited to see her too! He is such a caring little boy who kept on touching her and kissing her head when she was just SO adorable!

"Ok all ready to go!"
"Wow! Mason gave me TWO stacking SO going to bang them together & get his attention"
"It worked!" "Chloe had a blast with Mason playing in his pop up tunnel!"
"Thanks SO much sissy for taking me to play with Mason..i had a blast!"


Wannell Willard said...

Hey Lindsey,
It is so great watching you have sooo much fun with your lil' sis Chloe. Your have waited so long for this, and I know that you are loving every minute of it.

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

New site looks great! How did ya get the pic on the header? BTW love that pic of her! Sooo sweet ;O)