Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Getting back in the groove of things

Hi all! We're back from the beach, got back friday night after a great week of relaxing. We all had a wonderful time and again Chloe just adored the beach and being on vacation but was a little confused at first about why she wasn't at home and was having to sleep with me. I of course took tons of pictures each day and will post them in the next few days. For a little pre beach recap...like i mentioned in the last post we went to a reunion with our China travel group and it went great. It was so nice to see all the girls again and see how much they have grown in 7 months and just spend time with the people we spent the two weeks in China with. Every family except for one were able to come (the other family lives in California but we were able to talk to them on the phone for a little bit so that was nice) and we took a "not so red couch" picture like the one taken back in december and they did a little better with this one than the last one as most of them weren't screaming their heads off this time!

Left to right: Jasmine, Madison, Chloe, Emily, Emily's sister Holly, Sarah Tate, Toby Ann

Im still working on getting all the beach pictures downloaded on my computer so once i do that and try to make a few collages i will post the beach pictures!!


Linette said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see beach pics. :)

Lilly's Sissy said...

can't wait to see the pictures!
I love that picture, they are all perfect little beautys!

Lauren said...

They are all so precious!!! Can't wait to see the beach pics!

Holly said...

So glad you guys had a great time at the beach! Can't wait to see pics! Love the couch picture. They are all so adorable.

OziMum said...

Did Sarah Tate freak Toby Ann out?!! Great pic! Holly looks especially proud!

Melanie said...

hi hi lindsey ^^ I'm sure you know the baby in the pictures i post lol! im glad you liked the pictures!!!She's really cute in all them^^And yeah i'll be so glad to make the beach pictures for you too!!
Welcome back :P