Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Quick post. Chloe had a great day today, she got to feed the ducks for the first time and got to see her first fireworks which she loved. She ooh'ed and ahh'ed throughout the whole thing and went "woah!" when it was a big bang part while she pointed up to the sky, so cute! She really enjoyed it i think and at the finale she started jumping up and down with big bright eyes and clapped so hard at the end. It was a great day overall. Tomorrow to celebrate the 4th we are off to a friend's house to swim and relax all day and have a cookout with some fireworks later that night. Im so excited to celebrate this holiday with Chloe, the holiday all about America's freedom. After taking a child from a country with no freedom to this great country all about freedom just warms my heart. We plan on going all out this year and sharing our love for this country with Chloe, we even bought her a little American Flag bikini & cute outfit with a shirt that says I YAmerica with jean capris, sooo adorable! I will obviously be taking tons of pictures of our sweet girl tomorrow so look for some collages in the next few days. I hope you fellow American's have a great 4th and spend it with family and friends reflecting on the meaning of Independence Day.

*Click both collages to enlarge*


Gracie said...

That is to cute! Ilove how you do that!

Catherine said...

Happy 4th friend! Glad Chloe enjoyed the fireworks. Hope you have a great day with your friends today! Looking forward to seeing pics.

C.J. said...

Happy 4th!

Ms. CM doesn't look like she was afraid of the fireworks in the pic. Good for her!

Holly said...

Happy 4th! Glad Chloe enjoyed the fireworks. Have a great day with your friends and family and I will be looking forward to more pics!