Friday, May 11, 2007

Umm Wrong Bed!

Funny story! Ok so we have a dog, Cookie, who Chloe just loves to pieces! She will follow Cookie all over the house sometimes trying to pet her, the poor dog, can't get a moments peace in this house! anywho Cookie has a little bed in the corner of our kitchen and the other day my mom said she turned around and Chloe was sitting IN Cookie's bed!! Side note: To remind you, this is our dog.....She is a 10 lb white pomeranian whos bed is pretty small, VERY small for a toddler who obviously took the time and energy to squeeze herself in it..hehe...Now almost everyday we catch Chloe sitting in it at least once during the day! I think she does it for attention though because she knows we will start cracking up when we see her in it.

My mom captured our silly girl this morning and I still giggle when I see the


OziMum said...

No... she's not Cookie... but she's just as sweet!

Holly said...

That happens at our house too. Just the other way around. We always catch my dog sitting on Gracie's little Dora The Explorer couch!

Safety Mom said...

My daughter Gianna loves, loves, loves our dog's bed. It's her favorite spot. She will drag all her babies, stuffed animals, and books to the dog's bed and play.


Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Awww!!! Cookie is SO cute and that is adorable that Chloe likes Cookie's bed!! Too cute!! We have two labs and Sarah Lu LOVES them! The pics of Chloe in Cookie's bed are SO sweet!! :)

Redheaded Chick said... cute! Your sister is beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!

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