Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tagged, and Beach Bound!!

Staci tagged me, I have to write 7 things that few people know about me, or a few bloggy people know..hehe. Sounds like a good thing to do before I turn this computer off for good for the next 4 days, so here goes...

1. I started modeling when I was 5 years old. By the time I turned 12 i had been in 2 commercials, 4 dancewear catalogs, and countless fashion shows. It was my first job and yep i got paid for it too! =)

Me at age 7 doing a fashion show

2. I am terrified of octopusus. OMG scares the daylights out of me, always has. When i was little I never wanted to go in an aquarium (and still wont) i am petrified. But only of real ones, most stuffed ones are ok.

No picture for this one...EEK!

3. I LOVE rainbows. Ever since i can remember ive been facinated with them, probably because of all the colors. They make me happy! When i was little i used to collect greeting cards with rainbows on them, any card that had a rainbow on it i wanted!

So pretty!

4. My Great Grandpa owned a zoo. My Nana grew up in a zoo (literally), her dad owned a county zoo and i used to go there a lot when i was little to feed the deer and all other animals. he had all kinds of animals from bears to tigers, llamas (my fav!), peacocks, and everything else imaginable! I think i was around 8 when he sold all his animals but I still remember a lot about it.

Me feeding a baby deer on Halloween when i was 2

5. I hate the taste of anything with grape artificial flavoring. YUCK! Its weird because I like grapes/ most grape juice and my favorite color is purple but theres somthing about grape suckers that remind me of cough syrup *gag*. I used to tell people i was allergic to it just so they wouldnt give me a grape lollipop or candy.


6. My absolute favorite song is Beauty in the Breakdown by The Scene Aesthetic. If you haven't ever listened to it, you need to! I just love it and I love their music also.

Great CD!!

7. I love Chloe Madison Xian more than anything in this world. She is everything to me, and has taught me the real meaning of true love. I cant imagine life without her. I feel like shes saved me somehow. Shes my little love bunny and I thank God everyday for her!

Now I tag anyone who wants to join in the fun!

Finally, this will be the last post until Tuesday. I will definetly have LOTS of pics to share with you all about Chloe's first beach trip and since tomorrow is 5 months since Chloe day, I will take her picture before we head out and will post it first thing when I get settled back home. I hope you all have a good weekend.



Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Hey Lindsey! Thanks for participating!! I loved reading all of yours! That is SO awesome that you started modeling when you were 5!! What commercials were you in? Do you plan on getting Miss Chole Madison into modeling as well? I have wanted to see about getting Sarah Lu into doing commercials and modeling. She SO has the personality for it! LOL :)
I LOVE the pic of Chole in her swimsuit!! Have a great time at the beach!! :)

C.J. said...

Fun post :0)

Enjoy the beach and stay away from the octopi!

I love my grape I'll be thinking about cough syrup!

OziMum said...

So the "Octopus" range from Gymboree isn't in Chloe's closet?!!!

Wannell Willard said...

Hey Lindsey,
I remember when you were just a baby. You were just as adorable as Chloe. I remember you doing the modeling and the commercials. And I believe you got most photogenic at a dance competition. Anyway, it is fun to think back to when you were younger and see pictures of yourself. Chloe will be very proud to have all the pics that you are making of her. I know that Chloe has made a wonderful difference in your life, just as you have in hers.