Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pictures of the Day!

Ok so im going to start posting a picture of our sweet girl on here at least 3 times a week, if not more, because in the short time that we have been home with CM (Chloe Madison) she has changed SO much and i want you all to be able to see exactly how much she is changing as each day goes by, by posting one or two of my personal favorite pics of Chloe! So heres the first entry!

"I love my new ride on Zebra!"

Shes hamming it up for the camera..TOOOO cute! *Check out the hair clips!!* hehe


Robin said...

Absoltuley love that pose where she looks like she is showing the camera her hair pretties. Love those chubby little cheeks too. What a precious little sister you have!

Catherine said...

Adorable! Love the hammy pics! :o)

Hey're the BEST big sister!!! So happy for you and the amazing job you're doing helping out with Chloe Madison! God has blessed each of you with the precious gift of sisterhood.

Lee-Anne said...

CUTE! She has changed alot since your first photos of her!!!